Improving your quality of life with real-time access to wages and necessity items

Owe nothing – Paymenow is NOT a loan!

Paymenow is a real-time access to your hard earn wages whenever you need it

Use your Paymenow balance to get:





Real-time access when you need it

Real Time Access To Wages

Real-time access

You have access to 50% of your earned wages.

Paymenow Employees

Help your families

You are able to send groceries, airtime and electricity to their families anywhere in the country – instantly!

Paymenow is a real-time access to your hard earn wages
Real Time Access To Wages

Stress Less

Have confidence knowing your money is a click away.

Paymenow employees

Works For everyone

Whether you are a salaried or part-time earner, everyone can use Paymenow through an easy opt-in enrollment.

Paymenow FAQ

Paymenow is an employee benefit app that focuses on financial wellness and inclusion. Connected to your company payroll, Paymenow gives you responsible access to money you have already earned.

No! Any cash outs you receive via Paymenow is NOT a loan. It is simply access to money you have already earned.

A cash out on Paymenow will cost you a small service fee as well as a transaction fee to disburse the funds to your bank account. An immediate payment option is also available at a slightly higher cost. No interest is charged. No subscription fees. No hidden costs.

You do not owe Paymenow anything, ever! Any cash outs you receive using Paymenow will be deducted from your next salary payment. 

All information around earnings and cash out limits are controlled by your employer. If you are a fixed salary employee, Paymenow uses a calculation to determine your daily amount is added to your available balance. If you are a time and attendance or shift worker, Paymenow will only provide an available balance based on the information received from your employer.

Unfortunately, no. Paymenow, to combat fraud and any illegal activity can only cash out to the bank account as provided by your employer. If you need it changed, please contact your employer HR or Payroll department.

Yes, Paymenow uses bank grade security, encyption and 2-factor authentication to ensure your money and private information is safe. As an additional security feature, Paymenow can only cash out to the bank account as provided by your employer.

No, Paymenow will not share any of your information with any other party unless you have explicitly given us the permission to do so. We will only share your cash out history with your employer to allow them to adjust your salary accordingly in the next pay cycle. Refer to our T&C’s for more information.

Changing financial behaviour responsibly

See what employees across the country are saying about Paymenow

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“It is a useful app, that teaches about budgeting and is there for emergency. You just have to use wisely..”
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“I am no longer a burden on other people now, I don't have to go around asking people for money when I need it.”
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“It has been helpful to me when I need to something before month end. I am able to withdraw money from my salary to get things like food or transport money.”
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“Best app in the world.”

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