The business advantage with Paymenow

Over the past year, employee financial distress has intensified, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to bring financial wellness and education into your workplace. Gain the business advantage with Paymenow, now.

Getting started

Benefits for employers - the business advantage with Paymenow

Taking care of your employee s well-being improves your business’ bottom line – happy employees want your business to succeed and will take a keen interest in your business goals


Paymenow enables salary advances to employees, ensuring the service is BCEA & POPIA compliant and NCA exempt thus ensuring employers do not incur regulatory risk

Improve productivity & engagement

50% of financially stressed employees spend three hours or more at work each week thinking about or dealing with personal financial issues

Retain & recruit better

Offering a benefit to improve employee financial health and security helps retain and attract high performing talent

Curb theft & fraud

Employees who are financially stressed are more prone to theft in the workplace

Improve cash-flow

Paymenow funds the advances to employees on behalf of the employer, ensuring no cashflow impact on employers

Reduce absenteeism & health care costs

It’s estimated that more than 70% of doctor visits are due to stress-related health problems of which 55% of stress is money related

It’s the right thing to do for your people

Paymenow FAQ

Life happens. Unexpected expenses will inevitably come up in between paydays.   A worker’s ability to access their earned wages while in a “cash crunch” like paying an unexpected medical bill helps mitigate stress and has proven keep them more productive at work, instead of worrying about their finances. Paymenow helps solve workers’ unplanned cash flow issues.

Earned Wage Access is a fundamental key to Financial Wellness and represents a major shift in how employees are paid for the work they do. Instead of receiving their pay at pre-agreed, fixed intervals – normally the end of the month or the end of the week – employees accrue pay on a daily basis, in much the same way as they accrue paid leave entitlement. Then, at any time they wish, employees can withdraw a certain amount of the pay they have accrued, giving them unprecedented flexibility and control over their personal finances.

As an employer, there is zero cost involved. 

Paymenow was founded to provide an alternative to exorbitant payday loans that would not only alleviate the debt burden but encourage responsible financial habits and instill a savings mindset.

No! Paymenow funds the advances to employees on behalf of the employer, ensuring no cashflow impact on employers

Paymenow is not a loan and is an inclusive, responsible alternative to credit. We give your employees access to wages earned but not yet paid on. Neither gross reportable or net received pay changes. No interest or fees are paid to the employer. 

Our tech platform has undergone an information security and cyber risk assessment from F-Secure which guarantees bank grade security (report can be shared on request)

There is no need for any concern. Paymenow funds the advances to employees on behalf of the employer, ensuring no cashflow impact on the employer.

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