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Deon Nobrega

Most people know the pain of the week before payday and counting the last coins to take you till payday.

Some have approached microloan lenders, loan sharks who charge high interests and people end up having a lack of debt.

Clement Manyathela speaks to PayMeNow CEO Deon Nobrega about alternatives for loan sharks.

Paymenow in the media


South Africans are encouraged to find new ways to increase their income this year. That’s according to the South African Savings Institute which also promotes a savings culture. Consumers are grappling with major salary cuts and wage freezes since the hard COVID-19 lockdown which pushed many companies into financial difficulty.


Businesses must assist employees to avoid unnecessary debt, that’s according to Paymenow. It says assisting employees with financial education is of paramount importance. Bryan Habana, head of business development at Paymenow, elaborates on the role employers can play in breaking that end of year debt cycle.


The fun of a Dezemba break often ends in the tears of the Janu-worry blues. Ray White talks to former Springbok Bryan Habana, co-founder of the Earned Wages Access platform Paymenow.

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Bruce Whitefield has a conversation with Bryan Habana, Co-founder and Head of Business Development at Paymenow Group talking about the work they do.

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Paymenow’s Head of Business Development, Bryan Habana, says we should not forget that along with Christmas presents and holiday costs, January rolls around quickly with its hikes in bills and premiums.

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Bryan Habana

The Jampod Gigsters  I  INTERVIEW

EWA is an emerging employee benefit that provides workers on-demand access to wages they have earned but not yet been paid on. But is EWA just payday lending in disguise? Deon Nobrega and Bryan Habana chat with The Jampod Gigsters to discuss. 

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Channel Africa  I  INTERVIEW

The world is now entering the age of earned wage access that promises to break debt cycles for millions of employees around the world. Channel Africa interviews Bryan Habana 

Engineering News  I  ARTICLE

An earned wage access (EWA) solution allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages at any time during the month, rather than borrowing from their employer or taking out unsecured loans to cover living expenses, says EWA financial technology organisation Paymenow co-founder and MD Deon Nobrega. Read Full Article


Bryan Habana maak sy merk in die fintech-wêreld


The recent riots and looting have affected the local retail industry particularly badly as malls and retailers were heavily targeted. Employers can help their employees recover faster, however, using a relatively new employee benefit called earned wage access (EWA). Read Full Article


Independent research conducted by 60_decibels indicates the difficulty South African blue-collar workers are faced with on a monthly basis to stretch their wages through to the end of the month. Read Full Article


In this edition of his Appdate, SEAN BACHER highlights Sanlam Savings Jar, MiVoice, Zapper for parking, Paymenow, and FNB’s Smart inContact authorisation. Read Full Article


Saving may seem like a pipe dream at the moment, given the economic climate in the aftershock of several consecutive Covid-19 lockdowns and unrest in parts of the country. Read Full Article


Now retired, Habana has taken a relatively unusual post-rugby route by getting his hands dirty and helping to build a fintech startup Paymenow, which allows employees responsible early access to their wages. Read Full Article


Home-grown start-up Paymenow is now offering its 50,000+ users the ability to buy food from Shoprite directly in the Paymenow app. Read Full Article


Although the economy seems to be coming out of the doldrums, life is still tough out there and many people have lost their livelihoods, if not their lives, as a result of Covid-19. Read Full Article

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